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About acta: acta Community Theatre is a National Portfolio arts Organisation based in the city of Bristol in England. acta has over 35 years of experience in engaging n communities in theatre and arts. acta believes that 'theatre belongs to everyone, and everyone has a story to tell. acta creates a place where everyone’s story matters, where individual opinions and experiences count, and are valued by others. The organisation enables communities to share their stories, create original performances and engage audiences who rarely attend theatre.

My involvement with acta was on many different levels: I joined as participant /performer, as member of the board (non-executive director), a drama facilitator and director ( with occasional stepping-in for absent cast members) , and as an associate where I ran my own independent projects in partnership with acta. During the last five years, I was involved in the following projects:

1- Rapport A two-year partnership project (2019 – 2021) between acta and three arts organisations in Europe ,that brought together participants and art practitioners from different nationalities to exchange knowledge and share practices. Supported by EU Creative Europe, Rapport was coordinated and included the following partners:

My role on the project was focused on drama facilitation, attending artist development training and creative meetings with the European partners, as well as producing and directing final collaborative pieces.

2- Cornerstone (2021-2022)

Cornerstone is a weekly open-access theatre group for adults from different cultural backgrounds. The group started in September 2021 and is currently devising a story about a number of residents who survive a serious fire incident. The sessions are facilitated by myself and Ingrid Jones. The final piece will be performed in May 2022.

Short Projects:

  • (2018) Uwaz Utah: a seven-week puppetry-making project; working with women from South Asian backgrounds.

  • (2018) Hannah More Mums: a weekly theatre group with lunch-time Support workers and Parents at Hannah More Primary school in Bristol

School Workshops:

  • (2019) Glenfrome Primary School 3-day drama workshop.

  • (2019) Oasis Academy Bank leaze Primary School 2- day Workshop.

  • (2019) Hannah More Primary School drama Workshop.

Plays :

  • Dream On (2016-2017): Dream On follows the story of a migrant woman in the pursuit of academic and professional achievement, despite the lack of support from her family and the entire community. The story was developed and performed by the Redcliffe women group of which I was a member.

  • The Woman Next Door (2017): A story about neighbours, community, love and heritage, devised and performed by Bristol Refugee Women group, with which I had strong links. My role was focused on contributing to the story as well as acting.

  • Plastic Fantastic (2018): A play with an ecological message devised by acta's The Thursdays group. I worked as an assistant director with Director Neil Beddow and performed with members of the group

  • The Corner Shop (2019): Devised by and performed by Bedminster Youth Theatre, and directed by myself and Rosalie Pordes, the corner shop tells the story of an entire neighbourhood that falls into the trap of a scammer shopkeeper.

  • The Flats On Palm Street (2019), Directed by myself and Ingrid Jones and performed by The Fridays Women Group, the play is about neighbour relationships, culture and identity.

  • Tall Storeys ( 2019): a 'wry and topical look at the essential issue of home and housing. Based on months of discussion and improvisation, Directed by myself and Neil Beddow, devised and performed by The Thursdays Group.

  • Songs From Home (2019-2020). Rapport group shares their favourite songs from their culture and perform original monologues based on their memories connected to them, Directed by myself and Rosalie Pordes.

  • You cant' Grow Melons in the UK (2021). Rapport, acta’s international theatre company presented an original new story about fitting into a new community whilst retaining your own culture and identity, directed by myself and Rosalie Pordes.

  • Malkat Aldar (2020): Written and directed by myself, performed by Sudanese Youth, this short play traces the life of the first Sudanese female novelist and women's rights activist Malakat Aldar Abdallah Ahmed. Performed as part of acta's Museum of Unsung Hero event.

Rapport Project Documentary

Songs from Home

The Woman Next Door

Plastic Fantastic

Dream On

The Flats on Palm Street

Dream On

The Flats on Palm Street

Malkat Aldar (The Museum of Unsung Heroes)

Malkat Aldar ( The Museum of Unsung Heroes)

Tall Storeys

You Can't Grow Melons in the UK