Sudafest is an event that celebrates Sudanese culture and heritage through different activities, including food, live performances, an exhibition of Sudanese products and crafts. The idea of Sudafest came from a personal observation that Bristol's ever-growing Sudanese community is currently not represented in the arts and cultural sphere, which essential to the successful future of the city.

On Sunday 12th September 2021, Sudafest took place and was launched with a Nubian street parade around the acta building, performed by Cardiff Sudanese Community Dance Group. Other activities of the event included:

  • Tukul: Traditional Kitchen with free food given to audiences to try.

  • Jebena: traditional Sudanese coffee corner, with fresh coffee beans roasting and free coffee to try.

  • Traditional dance performance, featuring many dances from across Sudan, performed by the Sudanese community of Cardiff

  • Community Art Gallery and Children’s colouring corner

  • Sufi Parade, performed by Samania Sufi sect featuring live music, drumming and religious chants.

  • Sudanese Museum of Cultural Artefacts

  • Market Stalls of Sudanese products and crafts

  • Film Screening of the award-winning documentary, Talking About Trees; telling the story of reviving community cinema in Sudan.

The number of audiences who attended the event was estimated at 400, 60% of

which were Sudanese citizens living in different parts of Bristol and across the South West. Most people stayed for longer than expected (an average of 3 hours in the day, exploring the various elements of the event. Among the guests was Bristol's Lord Mayor Councillor, Steve Smith.

Sudafest 2022 saw an expansion in length and range of activities. It was run over a weekend in July. The activities included:

  • Haboba (Sudanese colloquial for Grandma) Storytime

  • Sudanese Youth Theatre performance

  • Zola Tales Performance of Malkat Aldar

  • Sufi Processions by Bristol's Noba Group

  • Sudanese Comedy Night and Rap Perfromance

  • Children's Making, African Drumming and Dance Workshops

  • Oud Performance

  • Perfume Making Presentation

  • Bridal Dance Show

The event was attended by over 650 audience member, the majority of whom were from Sudanese background.