I am Hiba Elhindi- a Sudanese-British curator, drama facilitator and educator based in the South West of England. I am passionate about using arts to empower young generations, bring communities together and tell unheard stories.

In the last five years, I have worked at acta Community Theatre in Bristol, where I trained as drama facilitator and worked with different communities, including children and young people, women, refugees and migrants, older isolated people and those with additional needs and disabilities. My work with acta has been focused on helping participants share ideas, create stories and perform them on stage.

Besides my work at acta, I also curated a number of art projects involving members of the Sudanese community in Bristol, including SuFIA, Sudafest, Sudanese Youth Theatre, Choir and Games without Borders.

Prior to my engagement in the arts and culture, I worked as a French Language Teacher in a number of Educational Institutions in Sudan, including the University of Khartoum, Sudan's University of Science and Technology and The French Cultural Institute. I also worked as an administrator at Khartoum's French Embassy and at Dhilal for Training and Media Services.